Nurturing new mummy coaching for Mothers who want to create a calm, confident
and enjoyable serene journey into motherhood.
Jo Bealey’s bespoke 12 week program is designed to wholeheartedly support new
mum’s emotionally and holistically.
My Vision, Mission, & Values

I cherish my mission as a doula to care for your physical and mental well being during
pregnancy, postpartum and beyond. Previous generations would have had a village to care
for a newborn baby and its mother.Without this, the isolation and limited help with the
practical side of things can be overwhelming for new mothers and their emotional and
physical well being will suffer.

Are you feeling anxious about the birth of your baby or your role as a mother?
Are you feeling tired and overwhelmed?
Are you worried about how life will change when the baby is born?
Do you want to feel confident, empowered and calm about birth and your new life as a mother?
Do you crave emotional support and guidance?


Together we can create a magical time for you and baby. I can nurture you, so you can care for baby. This is such a raw
and delicate time in a women’s life and you deserve to feel loved, and taken care of too.
I can completely relate to the fear in transitioning into your new role as a mummy, the uncertainty of it all, and challenges
of what is ahead. I want you to understand that it’s ok not to be ok, not have the answers, to need support, to worry about
whether you are doing the right thing for you and baby. I will help you trust your intuition and give you the confidence
to know that you are the expert on your baby’s needs.


In 12 weeks of new mummy coaching, your new mummy glow and the love for your new baby is beaming. You step into
your new chapter of life, feeling calm, in control and supported every step of the way.

How it works

  • During your 12 weeks you will receive:

    > Pre-natel planning session

    > Birth preparation support

    > 12 wellbeing coaching session to be used throughout pregnancy, postpartum and baby’s first year.

    > UNLIMITED access via voxer messages and email until your baby’s first birthday.

    > UNLIMITED ACCESS TO private online mother’s group

  • > Newborn Mother’s ebook

  • > Postpartum recipe ebook

  • > Essential oil consultation + 2 pure essential oils to be used during pregnancy & birth

  • > Baby Massage lesson’s & tips

  • I created this program to support new Mother’s to finally create fully supported transition to motherhood which embrace their natural mothering intuition & allow them release their fears & parent from the heart & soul..
  • I look forward to working with you and making your transition to motherhood calm, confident and enjoyable.
  • Book your 45min free call here.
  • Jo xx