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That parenting intuition

I love learning about different cultures- in particular, parenting style. Especially the differences from Western cultures.

We have just come back from a holiday in Bali and everywhere we went, the Balinese doted on my boys. It was so refreshing to see children as a gift, rather than a hindrance. Asian cultures really enjoy children!

I loved talking to the Balinese mothers and grandmothers on how their babies and children are raised.

They naturally practice attachment parenting. New mother’s are cared and nurtured by the grandparents.

Babies are breastfed, usually until 2.5 years of age. Babies are kept close and usually carried all day in slings. Mother and child will always sleep together. No one is accused of ‘spoiling their baby’!

So much love is poured into mothers, babies and children. Everyone is cared for and supported.

Unlike Asia, Western society has seemed to have forgotten how to parent instinctively. There seems to be so many rules – the should’s and shouldn’ts of parenting. This then becomes a power struggle of ‘us (parents) vs them’ (children).

Our babies and children’s wellbeing is paying the price for this Western style of de-attached parenting. This is evident in the increases in child depression and anxiety.

Whenever we are having our tough days, or at a loss on how to get through another sleepless night, or ways to deal with another tantrum, the answer comes down to one thing – love.

Break the western parenting ‘rules’, and go back to our natural instincts. When you parent with nurture and love, you can never go wrong.











Jo Bealey

Postpartum doula & Mama well-being coach


Jo is a postpartum doula & mama well-being coach. She is passionate about nurturing mum’s to create calm, and happy families.

Jo run’s a Facebook pregnancy & postpartum well-being group, offer’s one to one support (both locally and online) and run’s various group online course’s.

If you would like to work or collaborate with her, please contact:


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