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5 Top Baby Shower Gifts (that you will actually use)

Baby showers are super popular and nearly every new mum has one!

Whilst the all the cute baby bits are adorable, there is only so many comforters one baby needs!

What you actually need when a baby is born is some practical gifts that will support your wellbeing during the first few months with baby.

Don’t be afraid to give your guests a list. If they are mums themselves they would like to know their cash is being well spent rather their gift getting shoved deep into a cupboard and been regifted when your next girlfriend is pregnant!

5 Gift Ideas:

Postpartum Doula
Someone that will care for you when you need it most. This will transform your postpartum experience into an enjoyable one and help you ease into your new role as a mother

A money collection for a weekly cleaner/ironing lady
This will allow you to put your feet up and concentrate on what matters most – your recovery from birthing and looking after baby. Β 

Pre-made meals for the freezer
You will need lots of nourishment during postpartum. You maybe tired and baby wants cuddles, so you need something you can quickly defrost.

Massage voucher
Preferably someone that will come to you one evening (or someone can take baby for an hour). A bit of self care with a relaxing massage will make you feel like a new woman!

Laundry service
There will be so so so much of it!
Some vouchers to have someone take the laundry and bring it back dry, folded and smelling beautiful will be a load of your mind – excuse the pun!

Jo Bealey

Jo is a postpartum doula & mama well-being coach. She is passionate about nurturing mum’s to create calm, and happy families.

Jo run’s a Facebook pregnancy & postpartum well-being group, offer’s one to one support (both locally and online) and run’s various group online course’s.

If you would like to work or collaborate with her, please contact:

Are you a Mum needing support? Reach out!

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