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‘This Too Shall Pass’

This too shall pass.. this was the most infuriating thing to hear as a FTM. (First Time Mum)

Whenever I moaned about the sleepless nights, the sore nipples, the teething and the crying there were two statements I kept hearing “Enjoy it whilst it lasts” with the other “The days are long but the years are short’ my dear.”
My reply would always be a tired smile and an understanding nod, but deep down I’d be thinking “Oh f***k off!! I’m so tired and I’m so fed up of always being exhausted.”

Despite this, I don’t know when it happened but it all began to get a little easier.  I learned to adapt to my new role as a 24 hour on the job mother and we started to find our groove. The breast feeding became 2nd nature and I gradually became used to less sleep and came to accept my new post baby tummy.
I’m not sure whether it became less stressful, or I just learnt to deal with the stress.

Since my 2nd child, “this too shall pass” is the mantra that’s helped me survive round two.
With Jack (my eldest) everything felt like a lifetime..the days were indeed long but the years felt it too. Guiltily, I yearned for it all to hurry up.
Now looking at my boy at nearly 6yo, I realise how quickly the changes occurred, from baby to toddler, toddler to pre-schooler to pre-schooler to cheeky school boy.

Now knowing that the sleepless nights are temporary, the teething is temporary, the tantrums are temporary, it’s allowed me to let things go a little more and enjoy the moment. I’m so aware that everyday they are that little bit older, a little more wiser and a little more into that completely independent human that I want them to be but very much dread at the same time.
So my dear.. as annoying as it maybe to hear right now.. but speaking from hindsight..

This too shall pass’, I promise.


Jo Bealey

Blogger, Mother & Postpartum Doula

Jo is a postpartum doula & mama well-being coach. She is passionate about nurturing mum’s to create calm, and happy families.Jo run’s a Facebook pregnancy & postpartum well-being group, offer’s one to one support (both locally and online) and run’s various group online course’s.

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