5 ways to restore YOUR calm when your child or baby can’t.

As a parent, one trait which we NEED as parents, yet we are not always naturally blessed with AND sometimes is so very hard to have is ….calm and patience.

Some days are harder than others…..some days we are winning, other days our tether is pencil thin.


Our children learn so much off us, we are effectively their mirror. SO we need to be able to keep that calm and patience when our child can’t..

Here are 5 ways to help you restore that calm ….

1) Breathe

Breathing is a natural occurrence so isn’t something we give much thought to. (unless your’re a yogi – in which case, you KNOW the power of breathe!) Breathing can help us remain in control of our emotions.

When we are stressed or anxious, our breathing quickens and becomes shallow. When our breathing is deep and slow, our mind will naturally reach a state of tranquility and calm. When you are at the end of your parenting tether and about to lose it..STOP AND BREATHE. Breathe in for 4, breathe out for 5 and REPEAT!

2) Exercise

The old saying – healthy body, healthy mind. Go hit the gym, jog for 30 minutes, have a stroll or even do some gardening – something to get those ‘feel good’ endorphins flowing. The benefits of been at peace within oneself is contagious. Children will always feel how we feel! It’s human nature!

3) Sleep

How much sleep are you getting? Sleep deprevation is used as a tool of torture, and can understand why. Lack of sleep plays a big part in our wellbeing, mental and physical. It affects your memory, ability to reason, decision making and lowers your immune system. Put yourself to bed nice and early or take a nap, your children will thank you!

4) Use Essential Oils

Essential oils are fantastic tools (which I now struggle to live with out). They are nature’s own pick-me-ups. Whether you are feeling tired, overwhelmed, stressed or losing patience. There is an oil for it all! Add some to your bath, diffuser or pillow and give your child a massage, or child to massage you (Mummy-win!!)

5) Take time for YOU.

Taking the time to do something you enjoy doesn’t make you a selfish parent, just a happier one! As a parent we often put ourselves at the bottom of the list, for at LEAST once a week, put yourself at the top. Take care of yourself like you would your children. Go take a bath, take a nap or go to that pottery class you’ve been keen to join.

You’ve got this mama.

Jo xx

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Jo Bealey

Jo is a postpartum doula & mama well-being coach. She is passionate about nurturing mum’s to create calm, and happy families.Jo run’s a Facebook pregnancy & postpartum well-being group, offer’s one to one support (both locally and online) and run’s various group online course’s.

 If you would like to work or collaborate with her, please contact:

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